Welcome to Grain Quality and Arbitration Services

About us

Founded in 1997. Grain Quality and Arbitration Services is a company providing essential services to a wide cross section of commerce and industry many of which are highly regulated and set stringent standards of quality and performance.

On our company owned premises, a large product range and dedicated team of professionals can certainly target all types of applications. We continuously look for high quality Equipment to supply to our local and international market.

We aim to continue to improve our equipment and products in order to maintain leadership and to support near term performance. Grain Quality ensures consistent levels of no. 1 service. Our policy is that people who have excellent practical and technical skills can only produce quality service and results.

We are also the proud owners of Vector Pest and Weed Control, All Areas Pest Control and FNC Fumigacoes (Mozambique), who in conjunction with Grain Quality and Arbitration Services provides all the fumigation services in our fumigation department.

We consider ourselves experts in servicing commercial and industrial properties to a wide range of Equipment and other services.

These include:

  • Sales of Equipment
  • Grain Training Courses
  • Arbitration Services
  • Exports
  • Fumigation of Export containers and all grains
  • Fumigation of Silos and other storing commodities

Companies in search of high quality fumigation on Exports, whether by rail, road or wooden pallets now have an opportunity to outsource with confidence.

In house Grain Training Courses are provided for organizations and sectors involved with intake of maize at silos, mills feed, manufacturers and maize traders.

Training is provided through method of presentation, checklists and practical exercise. A learner who achieved this certificate will be competent in collecting representative grain samples to determine the grain grade and performing, without supervision the sieving and grading of grain mill stocks to manufacture finished products and maintain quality.